Eau de Toilette 100 ML Vaporisateur Patchouly

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Eau de Toilette élaborée et fabriquée en France

Eau de toilette  Patchouly spray 100 ML solution d'alcool à 80%. Fabrication Française
A patchouly eau de toilette that offers a captivating and intoxicating scent with its warm and earthy woody fragrance. It is commonly called "perfume" a pleasant scent. This generic term covers many preparations in perfumery. It thus denotes eau de parfum, eau de toilette, cologne or fresh water.


In the same way, the distinction between perfumes continues between fragrances reserved for men, unisex and fragrances for babies and children. The perfume may also be in the form of creams, bath oils or even room fragrances. Here are the definitions of body perfumes. The perfume, also called essence or extract, is the most concentrated preparation. With a percentage of extract varying between 15 and 30%, diluted in a solution of alcohol at 90 °, the perfume is the most expensive product. But a few drops are enough to permanently perfume the skin. The eau de toilette of our range has a fragance concentration of 20%, for an alcohol dilution of 80%. What makes it a quality eau de toilette, which has excellent hold, and exquisite scents thanks to the enhanced presence of perfume extract. (Namely a classic eau de toilette consists of 5 to 10% of perfume extract) It is presented in a spray bottle more convenient.
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